What to expect when using NATPRO Progesterone Cream for the First Time

VITAMIN D3 is vital as it is connected to every single functioning cell and its formation in our bodies. A deficiency reduces the benefits of progesterone, see here and here. If you are deficient it will take progesterone longer to work, and in most cases, it simply does not work.  It is so important to get your level up as per the link provided.  Please have a vitamin D3 test done.  Equally important is Magnesium.

It is most important that you understand and are aware of certain symptoms which may be experienced when using progesterone cream for the first time. These symptoms can also occur even when changing to another brand of progesterone and changing the amount used. The body needs time to adjust to the change.  It usually takes 2-6 months before the body adjusts, longer if symptoms are severe. If progesterone is not used correctly, it will NOT work. Once progesterone becomes the dominant hormone, benefits are felt.  One of the biggest complaints about progesterone is that people 'think'  that progesterone didn't work for them.  That is wrong, it's because it hasn't been used correctly.  Please read How to use Progesterone Cream. 

Progesterone therapy is a life long commitment, the moment your stop using it all adverse symptoms will return as estrogen has now been allowed to become dominant.  NOT what any woman wants! 

One question that I am asked regularly is "what happens if I use too much"?  Well nothing, but using excessive amounts of progesterone for a long period of time is not necessary if it is not needed.  Usually 100-200mg per day is sufficient, for those suffering from extreme symptoms often need more in the beginning.  For example, hot flushes require 400-500mg per day for 4-6 days or until they clear, then and only then can the amount used be reduced slowly.  The body produces massive amounts of progesterone while pregnant, which is a natural process.  It does not continue to produce massive amounts.  Those suffering from PND and psychotic type symptoms are given 2400mg per day and those suffering from TBI are given 1400mg, both are done under supervision and more than likely the patient is hospitalised. The idea is to use nothing less than 100-200mg per day to avoid Estrogen Dominance symptoms caused by excess estrogen, Environmental Toxins etc, often more is needed in the beginning.  Once symptoms have cleared totally, the amount of cream used can be reduced to no less than 100mg per day.  The commonly incorrect amount advised of 20-40mg per day is NOT sufficient and will merely make matters worse by stirring up your estrogen receptors.  All studies show that the body responds far better to the higher amounts, lower amounts merely aggravate the estrogen receptors making symptoms worse.  This now leaves one to believe that progesterone is not working which is incorrect.  If progesterone is not used correctly it will not work.

The late Dr Katharina (Kittie) Dalton used to prescribe 2400mg per day successfully for those suffering from PND and psychotic like symptoms and 800mg for nausea. TBI patients are given 1400mg per day.

Another question asked regularly is, "how long will it take before I notice a difference"?  That is a difficult question to answer, you have to understand that any natural product, no matter what it is, is not a 'quick fix' solution, things take time and patience is needed.  Things often get worse before they get better.  Some people think that their symptoms will improve after only 2-3 days of use, WRONG!  Positive results can be felt from 2-6 months, possibly longer, it all depends on how much excess estrogen you have.  It is important to use the correct amount of progesterone according to your symptoms.  NEVER use less than 100mg/3ml per day if you are female, men can use less but again this depends on symptoms.  A higher dose is often needed to address a particular symptom. If you use too little or stop using progesterone your symptoms, whatever they are will return. It should be used a minimum of twice a day as progesterone levels start to drop after 13 hours and the aim is to keep the level stable.

When first starting with progesterone therapy, it is best to use the cream for 2-6 months every day to regulate and balance the body and of course, to deal with those terrible estrogen dominance symptoms.  More time may be needed, again, it all depends on how much excess estrogen one has. Most females want to use progesterone because their cycle is irregular, or they have heavy/continual bleeding/clotting etc., or their hormones are simply not balanced. How does one use the cream by following their cycle if their cycle is irregular?  You simply can't.  That is why it is important to use the cream for 2-6 months every day until your cycle reverts to normal and all your adverse symptoms have cleared. If one has regular cycles, it is still advisable to use the cream for 2-6 months so that the body can adjust and allow progesterone to become dominant. AGAIN, PLEASE NOTE:  Even switching from one brand to another, can result in an upset.  Please stick with it, things soon settle down if used correctly.  

People react differently to certain things, what may cause you discomfort, will not to others.  You may experience 'adverse' symptoms often encountered by men and women if they have a naturally high level of estrogen or, in the case of women, who have been on HRT (hormone replacement therapy) or the BCP (Contraceptive Pill) for any length of time resulting in low progesterone levels. In some cases you may experience:

  • aches and pains in your joints or anywhere on the body
  • water retention
  • weight gain
  • heart palpitations or a tight chest
  • headaches
  • change in sleep pattern
  • acne
  • and more, in fact any strange adverse symptom

Please persevere with the progesterone cream, DO NOT stop using it as these uncomfortable symptoms will ease IF used correctly.  We are now getting reports from women using as much as 400mg/12ml in the beginning stating that it prevents them from experiencing these adverse symptoms otherwise known as ESTROGEN DOMINANCE symptoms.  If you find that 100mg/3ml - 200mg/6ml is not working for you, then increase until you find a level that suits you then once you feel stable you can begin to slowly reduce down to a level that suits you. Those suffering from hot flushes and night sweats need to use 400-500mg per day for 5-6 days, more if symptoms are severe, it is the quickest way of getting rid of the hot flushes etc.  Once things improve you can slowly reduce. 

Men can also experience estrogen dominance symptoms when first using progesterone, some even get 'man boobs' men however, do not need to use such high doses - 100mg/3ml reducing down to 2ml per day would be the correct dose for men unless he has a specific symptom like prostate problems etc where more is needed.

How to Reduce NATPRO Progesterone Cream

You can slowly start to reduce the amount of cream used once you feel stable enough to do so and ALL your adverse symptoms have cleared.  It is vital that this is done SLOWLY - if too much is reduced too soon, your symptoms will return. Should this happen, simply increase the amount of cream until you feel stable again and then try again by slowly reducing.  It is essential to reduce over a few weeks to prevent adverse symptoms returning.

How to Reduce - reduce by no more than 16-20mg at a time.  Stay on the reduced amount for a week before reducing again. Continue reducing until you find a level that suits you.  Symptoms will return if you reduce by too much and too quickly.  Never reduce to less than 100mg/3ml per day as all adverse symptoms will return. 

As you use progesterone it will gradually become the dominant hormone which is what is needed.  As this happens symptoms begin to ease.

You are estrogen dominant if you experience some of the symptoms listed below.  Men also experience these symptoms apart from the obvious female problems.

  • aches and pains
  • anger
  • bleeding which comes either earlier or later than usual in your monthly cycle
  • bloating/weight gain due to water retention
  • breast tenderness
  • bruising
  • constipation
  • dizziness
  • headaches
  • heart palpitations
  • hot flushes
  • hypoglycaemia
  • increased appetite/cravings
  • irritation
  • migraines
  • mild depression
  • mood swings
  • muscle weakness
  • nausea
  • skin problems/acne/melasma
  • spotting
  • tiredness/chronic fatigue

It is far better to use a higher dose when first using progesterone to avoid estrogen dominance symptoms, then you can slowly reduce. Remember that the aim is to make progesterone the dominant hormone. 

Please follow these instructions when using progesterone cream for the first time.  The cream can be used anywhere and everywhere, all over your body including your face.  Insert it in the vagina at night as it is excellent for dryness and inflammation, even hair follicles absorb it well.  If you have an ache or a pain rub the cream on the painful area as progesterone is an excellent anti-inflammatory.  I have even used it on my tongue to see if it will help the burning sensation that I get from time to time and it does ease the burn.  Something to consider when choosing a progesterone cream, the thicker the cream, the longer it takes for it to absorb and always, always check the ingredients in the product, in ALL products for that matter.  Many creams contain parabens and synthetic chemicals, not what is needed.

Please note:  The information below showing quantities of progesterone cream are based on a concentration of 3.33%. 


  1. Menstruating - if a cycle is present and regular, apply cream twice daily from ovulation for the next 14 days, bleeding should occur within a day or two.  The luteal phase is always 12-14 days in all women, any less and it is known as a 'defective luteal phase'.  Cycles vary from 21 days to 36 days.  For example in a 21 day cycle the cream should be used from day 8 for 14 days, if a 28 day cycle from day 15 for 14 days and if a 36 days cycle from day 22 for 14 days. Use 100-200mg/3-6ml per day, more maybe needed depending on how severe symptoms are.
  2. Peri or Post Menopausal, Hysterectomy, Oophorectomy, Pre-pubertal, Pubertal - if there is no cycle, or it is erratic and too difficult to follow, use 100-200mg/3-6ml possibly more depending on how severe symptoms are EVERY DAY with no stopping.  Ignore any bleeding, spotting or clotting that may occur. There is no need to take a break as some suggest, although some women prefer to have one but they usually land up using it daily with no breaks. When the cycle is erratic it is difficult to follow a cycle.
  3. Severe symptoms -  Hot Flushes use at least 400-500mg per day for 4-6 days generally stops them.  It is best to apply the cream hourly.  Heavy/clotting/continual bleeding use 400-600mg per day for 2-6 months, ignoring the cycle.  When the bleeding has stopped, slowly reduce the cream until bleeding occurs again, then discontinue the cream for 14 days.  Then start using the cream again from day 15 for 14 days.  Over the coming months the natural cycle length will assert itself.  It is best to apply the cream hourly.  A multitude of adverse symptoms use a minimum of 200mg/6ml per day following the cycle, more cream may be needed.  If symptoms return during the break, then continue applying the cream twice a day or more frequently until they resolve. Once they have, then begin to follow your cycle again.



Use from 10 - 100mg/ 0.3 - 3ml per day.  It is best to use the cream twice a day.  More may be needed depending on symptoms.

Please read How to Use Progesterone Cream so that you fully understand how it works!!  You will also find a chart indicating how long a tube or dispenser will last you using different amounts, shows a teaspoon (metric), mg and ml conversion.

If you do not follow the above instructions it will not work and you will think that  you are wasting your time and money, this is totally untrue.  It is vital that progesterone is used correctly.


  • When your tube is finished, please cut it open as there is usually quite a bit of cream left behind.  This cream is simply too valuable to throw away
  • Progesterone cream is the best delivery method as 96% gets destroyed by the gut and liver if using oral progesterone - see here
  • Natpro is the best lubricant ever!  It helps with inflammation as well as vaginal atrophy and dryness which so many women suffer from when going into menopause.  
  • Use Natpro Progesterone cream as a facial moisturiser
  • It is EXCELLENT as an underarm deodorant - magnesium oil is even better
  • Excellent on burns and insect bites etc and bruising - in fact any skin irritation
  • Please read references given on each page
Before using progesterone cream for the first time, please read the link
on estrogen dominance