Home Test for Iodine Deficiency 

Iodine deficiency is becoming widespread, so too are thyroid problems.

An easy way to find out if your iodine level is low is to get a tincture of iodine.  Put 3 drops anywhere on the inner arm, rubbing them in with the dropper.  If the patch fades within a few hours it means there is a deficiency. Alternatively, have a blood test.

Iodine is vital for the thyroid, so too is selenium, both of these nutrients are low in our diets. Tyrosine is vital for the thyroid as a combo of this and iodine make up the two thyroid hormones T3 and T4. The conversion needs selenium.

If an iodine deficiency is found, please take:

  • Tyrosine
  • Selenium 
  • Vitamin C
  • Unrefined salt
  • Iodine drops - 5% or if 2% suits you that is fine

I prefer Lugol's Iodine Drops.  I started with one drop per day and worked up to 4 drops a day.  That is what suits me and what suits me.  Note: every individual is different, see what works for you.   If you can't find Lugol's, use an equivalent.

Dr David Brownstein has some excellent books on the subject and his video below explains what is needed in detail.

CAUTION:  Please speak to your doctor if you are concerned about iodine and your thyroid.  Certain medications may interfere with iodine but I am yet to hear of any confirmed cases.  Always do your reach.  PubMed is an excellent up to date research engine providing accurate study and research papers.   

Please view this video by Dr David Brownstein on the importance of iodine.


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