Joy's Story


Let me share my journey with you on how natural progesterone has changed my life!   I started to experience those little “power surges” hot flashes and mood swings. I had always said that I would never go on HRT as they all have a potential to cause harm.  I used to suffer from cysts on my ovaries and breasts which are caused by excess estrogen and a lack of iodine, so I knew that HRT was not for me!  Every year the cysts in my breasts needed to be aspirated and I was given the dreadful drug Provera for the cysts on my ovaries which never worked, it only helped to make me feel worse!  Amazingly, my cysts are now a thing of the past since I began using progesterone cream.  Why?  Because they were all caused by too much estrogen.  If only I had known about progesterone all those years ago, but more importantly, if only the medical profession had suggested it, then there would have been no need for my many, many years of being plagued with CYSTS!  A note on IODINE, it also helps to support the thyroid as does selenium and tyrosine! 

At 47 I started with the typical Peri-Menopause symptoms - heavy bleeding and major clotting, but no pain thank goodness.  After battling for some time, I agreed to have the ablation.  Whilst it was successful for me, had I known about progesterone therapy then, I would most definitely have chosen that route.  Ablations, if not performed correctly, can cause terrible issues.  It always amazes me why progesterone was never mentioned, after all it is one of the oldest hormones.  But I now know why it was never mentioned or suggested.  Natural progesterone, the same progesterone that our body produces isn't a drug, no money in prescribing natural products, sadly. That was 18 years ago and I have never looked back!!

Before progesterone I started to use homeopathic remedies which eased the symptoms for a short while.  Then a friend suggested that I read Dr Christiane Northrup’s THE WISDOM OF MENOPAUSE. This book in effect led me to Natpro – natural progesterone. 

I related so much to Christiane Northrup as she had been through a stressful time in her life, pretty much the same as I was going through at the time.  Her advice in her book when asked what hormone replacement should one use was "use whatever jumps out at you in my book, if you think it will work for you, then try it".

It was the natural progesterone cream that kept jumping out at me. So I continued to find more information on it. I eventually decided to try a progesterone cream which was available at the local health shop/pharmacy. I used this cream for about a year and I began to think that I had found the answer. The cream was not pleasant to use as it was thick and sticky and did not absorb into the skin very well. My hot flushes started to return and I knew then that I needed to continue with my research.  I have since learned that the thicker a progesterone cream is, the more difficult it is to absorb into the bloodstream.  I tried many creams but I was not 100% happy with them.

I eventually found Wray Whyte’s site on progesterone. Wray actually developed Natpro, a natural progesterone cream about 30 years ago. It transpired that we lived in the same area!  How amazing was that?  I love telling people how we met!

I have been using Natpro every day for about 18 years now and it has CHANGED MY LIFE in every sense of the word. My moods have settled down, my insomnia has improved, hot flushes have disappeared totally and the good old libido has returned. When I feel a little ‘low’ or stressed, I simply use a little more progesterone cream. Stress destroys progesterone and so many other valuable nutrients that our body needs, more needs to be used during stressful times.  There have been times when I have had to use a tube of Natpro a week, amazing what stress can do. Thank goodness I am on top of things now and use between 150-200mg per day.  

The list keeps growing as to what Natpro - natural progesterone can do, I like to call it my 'medicine cabinet' all in one.  I always carry Natpro with me in my handbag which has proved it's worth countless times.

A few years ago, Oprah discussed the benefits of natural progesterone cream on one of her TV shows.  She is a firm believer in progesterone. What I found interesting was that she interviewed Dr Christiane Northrup who wrote THE WISDOM OF MENOPAUSE! Just a note on this interview.  The word bio-identical hormone was and is often used today.  Bio-identical is merely a fancy word which so many seem to have latched onto today, it is just plain and simple progesterone, nothing more and nothing less, just progesterone.

A few years ago a school friend of my son’s committed suicide. When I relayed this story to Wray Whyte she was saddened and said “if only people knew more about progesterone and its benefits and Vitamin D3.  The co-factors mentioned are equally important.

This is why I have this website, encouraged by Wray Whyte, to share my personal experience about progesterone and how it continues to benefit myself and so many people. Please feel free to contact me if you require any additional information on this amazing product.  When I hear the success stories, it inspires me to continue with what has become the most rewarding job I have ever had.

While progesterone and Vitamin D3 helped me immensely, it did not totally help to lift those days when I felt slightly depressed.  I always felt that there was something missing.  Don't get me wrong, without it my life would be a disaster and extremely painful.  What really tied it all together for me was Magnesium!  I have always taken magnesium but not in the required amounts needed.  Magnesium being an important co-factor to Vitamin D3 changed everything for me. PROGESTERONE, VITAMIN D3 and MAGNESIUM are no brainers, they all work together, they all need each other. If it worked for me, it can work for you too.

I have also taken iodine drops for many years, not because I have thyroid issues, but because I wanted to prevent them and I am so glad that it did this.  Most of us are deficient.  I take 4 drops per day of Lugol's Iodine drops (5%).  If one does have issues then more is needed with the guidance of the thyroid experts.  Iodine also helps to prevent cysts in both the ovaries and breasts as already mentioned.

I created my website using Wray's knowledge and the knowledge of what progesterone has done for me and so many others. I have had Wray's permission to use whatever information that I need from her website and of course she has guided me in  setting it up. She encouraged me all the way, today I am grateful to her for not letting me 'chuck it in'.  She actually refers so many people to my website, as I do hers.  In other words we use each other's websites to help people.  I chose Wray's website because it is the ONLY place where correct information can be found on progesterone and its correct use.  If not used correctly it will not work.  There is so much false information on the internet today, most of it by uninformed people.  Facebook is notorious for this.  I shudder when I read the misinformation on Facebook by so-called "Progesterone Queens".  It simply confuses people which results in progesterone not being used correctly.  Please, choose carefully when sourcing information.

UPDATE 3 MAY 2021 - Some of you may have wondered why I have been rather quiet lately.  About a year ago, probably around the time that COVID-19 hit us.  I decided that I needed to give Natpro a break for a number of reasons.  I also stopped using progesterone altogether.  Not a good move on my part but it certainly proved to me just how beneficial progesterone is.  I started to notice that my joints were becoming extremely stiff and painful.  Getting out of bed became a mission, I felt like an old woman!  I realised my mistake, I had allowed estrogen to become the dominant hormone and started to use Natpro again. I have read  many comments on Facebook and other websites where some people have stated that our environment does not affect our estrogen level, "how could the environment etc cause it?"  Well I have got news for these people - YOU ARE SO TERRIBLY WRONG!!  Read the page on Environmental Toxins, it's self explanatory!  Again, be careful where you get your information from.  Anyhow, after about 7 days of using Natpro I started to notice a huge difference, my aches and pains were slowly easing up.  Then my joints started to become painful again, far worse than before I started to use progesterone.  I couldn't understand why, then the penny dropped!!  How often have you read or even heard me say, that things often get worse before they get better??  Well that is what was happening, it got worse for me.  I increased the amount of progesterone that I was using and within a few days my painful joints started to ease and I felt so much better.  I experimented as I have told countless people to do.  It was silly of me to stop using progesterone, but in hindsight I am so glad that I did as it has proved  to me 100% just how beneficial progesterone is.  I also now have an answer to all those who state that the environment and the food that we eat does not impact negatively on us - it DOES.  Lesson learned, I will NEVER stop using Natpro again.  I am now 66.  Natpro is the best there is on the market today.  Thank you Wray Whyte!

In March 2013 Natpro/Wray approached me and asked me if I would be interested in helping them with their Customer Service.  I jumped at the opportunity as I simply love helping people and sorting out queries.  So when you are on any of Natpro's order pages and a little 'bubble' pops up on the bottom right of your screen saying "Hi there, how can I help you?" that would be me!!  I remain offline most of the time as I would never get any work done with all the queries and questions.  When offline, simply leave a message and I will get back to you via email.

My Personal Thank You message to Wray Whyte and my Final Farewell 


Thank you Wray for coming into my life so many years ago and for your continued support through all these years.  You changed my life completely and I will cherish all the good times that we shared together.  I miss you every day.  Today I am wearing your perfume, it keeps me close to you.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart!  Fly high with the angels, I will see you one day on the other side. RIP my darling friend.   Love and light always.  1948 - 2017.