Pregnancy and Conception - Can Progesterone Help?

There is an alarming amount of women writing in asking for help on this matter.  Listed are a few issues which are causing great concern and preventing conception.

  • Low progesterone levels
  • Estrogen Dominance
  • Stress
  • Use of contraceptives
  • Hormonal Imbalances
  • Diet
  • PCOS

Progesterone plays a major role during the 50 hours prior to ovulation and the 2 weeks after ovulation, prior to the fertilised egg implanting in the uterus.  It is also vital for maintaining a pregnancy.  Progesterone surges about 50 hours before ovulation. This surge comes from the brain and is thought to initiate the lutenising hormone (LH) surge which in turn starts ovulation.  Using progesterone at ovulation will enhance the early rise in progesterone which is so vital for successful implantation.

How to use progesterone to extend the luteal phase

A low dose of progesterone will not help.  Nothing less than 100-200mg/day or more should be used depending on symptoms, in some cases up to 400mg/day will be needed.  It should be used from ovulation, or during the 50 hour pre-ovulatory surge.  If used too early  i.e.  7 to 8 days before ovulation which is when many women are told to start using it, progesterone can act as a contraceptive preventing pregnancy.

When to start using progesterone

Progesterone should be used well before pregnancy is to take place to allow the body to adjust.  Try to avoid using progesterone at the beginning of a pregnancy as estrogen dominance symptoms will be experienced, which coupled with pregnancy symptoms is not very pleasant.  Give the body a chance to adjust.

It is advisable to use progesterone throughout pregnancy as stopping could cause a miscarriage.

Things to consider

  • Progesterone must only be used at ovulation, or during the 50 hour preovulatory surge if pregnancy is the aim
  • Take temperature readings
  • On no account must progesterone be stopped if conception is suspected, a miscarriage could take place
  • It is essential to continue using progesterone over the first 2-3 month critical phase
  • Stress can cause a miscarriage
  • The nearer intercourse takes place to ovulation, the greater the changes of conception
  • Use nothing less than 100-200mg/day of progesterone, possibly more
  • Progesterone musted be used twice a day in equal amounts - morning and night but can also be used during the day but NEVER all at once as this spikes progesterone levels
  • Make sure sufficient nutrients are taken, particularly vitamin D and Taurine which are vital
  • Avoid all skin care, foods and drinks which contain endocrine disruptors and other toxins, these can cause epigenetic changes in the foetus
  • Avoid the contraceptive pill and IUD's - the Copper T is the only one that we recommend as it does not interfere with the month cycle.  A major reason why pregnancy problems occur!!

The late Dr Katherina Dalton was a remarkable women in her own right, she has helped countless women fall pregnant and those suffering PND with the aid of progesterone.  Do try to read some of her books.

For more information please visit Conception and Pregnancy.

TIP: Progesterone cream is the best delivery method.  70% of progesteorne is destroyed in the gut and liver if using drops and pills.

Take care.