C O U P O N  A V A I L A B L E

sunumbraSunumbra is an organic, natural sunscreen providing :

  • high level, effective protection against UVA and UVB radiation
  • 5 star rating (UVA)
  • SPF30+ (UVB)
  • full spectrum, high protection against atmospheric toxins and free radical damage
  • active natural nutrients to reverse the effects of radiation damage
  • organic ingredients that offer clear and direct benefits
  • water resistance

Sunumbra sunscreen also:

  • blocks UVA exposure to reduce melanoma risk
  • maximises UVB, without burning, to maximise Vitamin D


Sunumbra sunscreen ingredients include:


When and how much Sunumbra to use

Ideally apply Sunumbra 15 minutes before you expose yourself to the sun so it has time to soak into your skin and provide the maximum benefit. You should apply sunscreen everyday, even if it is cloudy as UV rays penetrate clouds. For everyday use Sunumbra™ SPF15+ is recommended. For full protection use sunumbra™ SPF30+.

Apply Sunumbra liberally to all exposed areas, taking extra care to cover frequently forgotten spots: lips, back of neck, ears, nose, tops of feet, along the hairline and areas of the head exposed by balding.

Most sunscreens require that an average-size adult uses at least one ounce (about 6 teaspoons) to evenly cover the body from head to toe. You will find that because of Sunumbra exceptionally high spreadability that less is required. Sunscreens typically need to be re-applied at least every two hours. Sunumbra is no exception.

Why is it important to re-apply sunscreens frequently?  

There are three reasons…

  • they can be physically rubbed off, for example by drying off with a towel
  • they can be washed off when swimming or with heavy sweating. No sunscreens are truly “waterproof” or “sweatproof” although sunumbra™has good water resistant properties
  • some of the active ingredients in sunscreens break down over time and are accelerated by sun exposure. Sunumbra however, is not affected by this.

The FDA proposes that…

  • For sunscreens that are water resistant: “Reapply at least every 2 hours and after towel drying, swimming, or sweating”
  • For sunscreens that are not water resistant: “Reapply after 40 minutes of swimming or sweating, and after towel drying. Otherwise, reapply at least every 2 hours."

Why is the FDA proposing symbols and descriptors to identify the level of UVA protection rather than numerals similar to the SPF?

Because SPF values have been used in the United States for more than three decades, consumers are familiar with SPF numbers and know how to select the appropriate sunscreen based on the SPF value. Therefore, the FDA does not believe the SPF numerical values should be changed.  However, it believes consumers might be confused if UVB and UVA protection levels were both identified by numbers. The FDA believes consumers are familiar with star ratings because they are used to rate the quality of a variety of things (e.g. movies, hotels, and restaurants).

Please also see Sunumbra for Kids.

For a more detailed explanation of the Sunumbra Sunscreen range and the ingredients, please visit the website.